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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
The Average Mulder
by Joe Mulder
Average Mulder Archive


Welcome (3.17.2003)
Athletes Fail To Speak Out On Iraq War. Thank Goodness. (3.24.2003)
The Overtime Question (3.31.2003)
2003 Baseball Predictions (4.08.2003)
Shame On the Hall of Fame (But Let's Not Let Tim Robbins Off The Hook) (4.14.2003)
It's Not Easy (4.21.2003)
Hockey Is Awesome (4.28.2003)
The Thing About the Yankees (5.05.2003)
The All-Star Game (5.12.2003)
Game 4 (5.19.2003)
The Good and the Bad (5.26.2003)
Arguing Balls and Strikes (6.02.2003)
Sammy (6.09.2003)
I Have Nothing To Say About Sports This Week (6.16.2003)
Sports Are Great (6.23.2003)
Vacation (6.30.2003)
Mid-Season Report (7.07.2003)
Kobe (7.14.2003)
Shut Up, Barry (7.21.2003)
The 13th Man (7.28.2003)
Busy (8.04.2003)
The Governator (8.11.2003)
Maybe It's Just Me (8.18.2003)
There Are Pros, and Then There Are Pros (8.25.2003)
A Rose By Any Other Name is Not in the Hall of Fame (9.01.2003)
NFL 2003 (9.08.2003)
Remembrace of Vikes Past (9.15.2003)
The Worst-Dressed List (9.22.2003)
Weeeeeeeeee... Are the Champions, My Friend (9.29.2003)
Rush To Judgement (10.06.2003)
The "SNL" All-Star Team (10.13.2003)
Five Outs Away (10.20.2003)
But What If He Did It? (10.27.2003)
Birthday (11.03.2003)
Texas Hold 'Em (11.17.2003)
2003 Baseball Wrap-Up (11.24.2003)
A Sports Fan's Christmas Wish List (12.02.2003)
Anyone Who Still Watches College Football Is an Idiot (12.08.2003)
I Rip Anti-Playoff Arguments a New One (12.15.2003)


Good For You, Gary Anderson (1.05.2004)
Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Care About Pete Rose? (1.12.2004)
Not So Fast, Patriot Fans (1.19.2004)
Why Super Bowl XXXVIII Is Going To Be a Blowout (1.26.2004)
Survivor: Lambeau Field (2.02.2004)
Why I Hate the X Games (2.23.2004)
Dream Jobbed (3.01.2004)
Title Towns (3.08.2004)
My Bracket (3.15.2004)
49 Games (3.22.2004)
2004 Baseball Preview (In Rhyme!) (3.29.2004)
Golden (4.05.2004)
Survivor: Lambeau Field, Part II (4.12.2004)
If You Like Sports, You Need TiVo (4.19.2004)
The Time Has Come (4.26.2004)
Moving (5.04.2004)
Baseball Is Different (5.10.2004)
You're Kidding, Right? I Mean, You Have To Be Kidding (5.17.2004)
Plays of the Century (5.31.2004)
"Survivor: Lambeau Field," Part III (6.07.2004)
The In-Laws (6.14.2004)
The 500 Club (6.21.2004)
Movie Time (7.12.2004)
Above Average Mulder (7.19.2004)
Weirdly Depressing (7.27.2004)
The Greatest Thing That Has Ever Happened, Ever (8.02.2004)
"Forget the Curve Ball, Ricky. Give 'em the Heater!" (8.09.2004)
When It Comes Right Down To It, Gymnastics Are a Little Bit Silly (8.30.2004)
Kobe Questionnaire (9.06.2004)
Yes, As It Happens, I AM Ready For Some Football (9.13.2004)
No Throwing Chairs at People. Okay? (9.20.2004)
Hey, Check Out My Package (10.04.2004)
I Liked It Better Back When We'd Win (10.11.2004)
Friday Night Whites (10.18.2004)
That's What You Get For Not Hailing to the Redskins (10.25.2004)
The Curse of. . . John Martin? (11.04.2004)
The Best Sports Show You're Not Watching (Unless You're Watching "Cheap Seats") (11.08.2004)
Por Favor, No Cambie el Nombre de los Angeles de Anaheim (11.15.2004)
"Desperately" Out of Touch (11.22.2004)
God Bless You, Antoine Winfield (11.29.2004)
"The Voice of Tony Siragusa" (12.06.2004)
I Lied (12.13.2004)
Was There Something In the Water? (12.20.2004)
Happy New Year (12.27.2004)
Joe Mulder

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