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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Pedro Martinez To Miss 2-3 Weeks As Right Arm Falls Off
Originally posted 5/26/2003

Martinez and his former right arm
BOSTON - Red Sox all-star pitcher and staff ace Pedro Martinez suffered another setback this week as his pitching arm fell off during a light throwing session at Fenway Park on Saturday. Team doctors said that the arm could not be reattached and that Martinez will have to learn to throw left-handed. The Red Sox expect Martinez to be on the disabled list for at least two to three weeks.

"This is tough," said the dominant but injury-prone Martinez. "I was just starting to feel a little better, then my arm goes and falls off. I know I'm injured every year, but this time it could be pretty serious."

Martinez had been recovering from an inflamed tendon and strained latissimus dorsi muscle, which resulted in pain each time he threw. On Saturday, however, his right arm gave way and fell to the outfield turf during a throw-and-catch session before the Red Sox game with the Cleveland Indians.

"We'll miss Pedro, no question," said Red Sox manager Grady Little. "But we're used to going without him for a little while every season. A little guy like him, as hard as he throws, he's going to get hurt sooner or later. Hopefully we'll have him back good as new in a couple of weeks. And, left-handed."

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