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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Vikings Fan Feels Really, Really Bad About Being Kind of Glad Hank Stram Finally Died
Originally posted 7/11/2005

Above: Hall of Fame coach Hank Stram, seen here smirking on the sidelines in that little outfit he used to wear
CHASKA, MN - Longtime Minnesota Vikings fan Daniel Thorson, 53, revealed to friends this week that he feels really, really bad about the fact that he's kind of happy that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Hank Stram died last Monday at the age of 82 after a long battle with diabetes. Stram's Chiefs upset the Vikings with a dominating 23-7 victory in Super Bowl IV, the last AFL-NFL championship game played before the two leagues merged in 1970.

"Now, I completely respect what Hank Stram was able to accomplish," Thorson told friends this week after news of Stram's July 4th passing hit the national media. "Everybody talks about Super Bowl III, the Jets over the Colts, but that could have been considered a fluke and people could have gone on saying the AFL wasn't any good if the Chiefs hadn't come along the next year and beat the crap out of the Vikings.

"Still," Thorson said, "every time I saw that NFL Films footage of him smirking on the sidelines during Super Bowl IV, calling the Vikings a 'Chinese fire drill,' I just... you've got to understand: I really, really do feel terrible about being sort of glad that he's finally dead."

"Hank Stram was a leader and a visionary," said Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt, who hired Stram to coach the AFL's Dallas Texans -- who in 1963 moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs -- in 1960. "He was the greatest coach in AFL history, and his passing is a tragic loss to the football world. Unless, of course, you're a Vikings fan. Feel however you want to feel if you're a Vikings fan; God knows you've had it bad enough that no one's going to hold it against you."

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