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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Golfer's Mom Considers Son "Notable," No Matter What ESPNews Says
Originally posted 6/27/2005

Above: Darlene Bateman, who loves her son Brian (inset) no matter now notable ESPNews considers him
MONROE, LA - Darlene Bateman, mother of PGA Tour golfer Brian Bateman, told friends and family members Sunday that she considers her son to be "notable," despite what the ESPNews sports network might have you believe. Bateman shot a five-over-par 76 Sunday to tie for 57th place at +7 in the Barclays Classic, and ESPNews did not post his score under the "notables" category with the likes of Sergio Garcia (+2), Lee Janzen (+3) and Larry Mize (+6).

"Brian's having a really good year for him," Darlene Bateman said during a family gathering at which ESPNews was being watched. "Whenever anybody sees me at the grocery store or at Wal Mart they always say, 'oh, how's Brian doing this week,' or, 'hey, does Brian know Tiger Woods,' or 'can Brian get me Tiger Woods' autograph?' Everybody around here is really rooting for him. That makes him notable in my book."

"Look, I know how it is," said ESPNews senior producer Gavin Houlebeck. "My mom wrote something like 40 angry letters to people after I lost out on a local Emmy for this report I did on some injured high school baseball player in Idaho six years ago. But there's only so many spaces for notables, and we've pretty much got to go with golfers that most golf fans have heard of."

Darlene Bateman also said that if it were up to her, every golfer on the PGA Tour would be considered "notable," since it's such an accomplishment just to make it that far.

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