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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Guy's Buddies Dare Him To Give Evander Holyfield Crap About "Dancing with the Stars"
Originally posted 6/20/2005

You tell him he looks silly
LOS ANGELES - Buddies of Los Angeles native Rich Duncan reportedly dared the outspoken 31-year-old real estate agent to give boxer Evander Holyfield, who last Wednesday was booted from ABC's hit show "Dancing with the Stars," crap. Holyfield was spotted by Duncan and his buddies at an L.A.-area Best Buy store when the daring took place. Duncan reportedly did not take the dare, despite repeated pleas from his friends.

"I was making the guys laugh like crazy on Friday night, talking about how queer Holyfield looked on that show," Duncan said. "I couldn't believe we actually ran into him though. They were like, 'Hey, Rich, go tell him what you were telling us, we dare you.'"

Holyfield and dance partner Edyta Sliwinska were eliminated on last Wednesday's show after dancing a jive. Holyfield competed wearing a bright yellow shirt that, at the time, Duncan said made the four-time heavyweight champion look like "a gay bumble bee," and "a homo version of a bumble bee."

"I thought it would have been hilarious if Rich gave Holyfield a bunch of crap," said Andy Carasco, Duncan's longtime friend. "He pussed out, but we were doing our best to start something. Timmy [Restovich, a college friend of Carasco and Duncan who was visiting for the weekend] was walking by Holyfield and saying, like, 'Hey, Rich, look who it is. Remember when you said you were surprised he hadn't impregnated his dance partner yet, because of all the illegitimate kids he has?' Stuff like that. He didn't say it very loud, though, so I don't think Holyfield heard him."

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