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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Gary Sheffield to Fight William Ligue on Pay-Per-View
Originally posted 4/18/2005

NEW YORK - In an effort to stem the recent trend of altercations between fans and professional athletes during games, Major League Baseball this week offered what it sees as a unique solution. Commissioner Bug Selig announced that on July 11 on Pay-Per-View, New York Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield, who had a physical confrontation with a Boston Red Sox fan at Fenway Park on Thursday night, will fight William Ligue, best known for his and his son's drunken, shirtless 2002 attack on Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa.

"This should settle everything," Selig said. "We'll have the players send one of their guys into the ring, and the fans will send one of theirs. Hopefully, after that, there will be no need to be exchanging punches during games. Because really, if you actually sit and think about it, fans and players punching each other during games is kind of pointless."

The fight will take place during Major League Baseball's All-Star break on Monday, July 11 at Detroit's Comerica Park as part of the All-Star Game festivities, along with the home run derby and the celebrity softball game. The fight, however, will only be available on Pay-Per-View.

"You think we did a number on Tom Gamboa?" said Ligue, whose 15-year-old son also participated in the 2002 attack at Chicago's US Cellular Field. "Well, just wait 'til you see what I do to Gary Sheffield. I'll be more drunk and more shirtless than anyone he's ever fought in his life, I can guarantee you that."

Following Thursday's Fenway Park incident Sheffield was roundly praised for his restraint, apparently because he merely physically confronted the fan while the ball was still in play as opposed to, say, following the man home and burning down his house, or hiring a drifter to kill him in his sleep.

"I can promise William Ligue," Sheffield said, "that I will show no such restraint when I get him in the ring on July 11th."

Rumors of a possible Ron Artest vs. Jeffrey Maier undercard matchup were unconfirmed at press time.

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