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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
John Chaney Reacts to Suspension By Breaking Temple President's Arm
Originally posted 3/1/2005

Temple coach John Chaney karate chops the arm of Temple President David Adamany
PHILADELPHIA - Temple Owls head basketball coach John Chaney generated controversy this week after sending a little-used bench player into a game against rival St. Joseph's to commit hard fouls against St. Joseph's players, one of whom ended up with a broken arm. Chaney was suspended for the remainder of the regular season by Temple President David Adamany, and responded by finding Adamany and breaking his arm.

"I am ashamed of my actions of earlier this week," Chaney said in a statement released Monday. "I feel terrible about the young player whose arm was broken and whose season was ended due to my rash instructions. I also feel terrible about my reaction to being suspended, which was to break the arm of university president David Adamany. Clearly, this just made things worse."

Chaney apologized to Adamany, to Temple fans everywhere and to John Bryant, the St. Joseph's player whose arm was broken by Nehemiah Ingram. Chaney later admitted that he put Ingram into the game against St. Joseph's to "sent a message."

Chaney then announced that as a self-imposed penalty for breaking the arm of Adamany, which he did after being suspended for having a player break the arm of John Bryant, he will not coach in this year's Atlantic 10 post-season tournament. After announcing his latest self-imposed suspension, Chaney became so distraught over the prospect of missing the Atlantic 10 tournament that he broke his own arm.

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