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Peyton Manning On a Pace to Win as Many Super Bowls as Dan Marino
Originally posted 11/15/2004

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, who is on a pace to match Dan Marino Super Bowl ring for Super Bowl ring
INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning added to his already stunning 2004 statistics Sunday, throwing five touchdown passes against the Houston Texans. Manning now has an amazing 31 touchdown passes through just nine games, and is on a pace to win as many Super Bowls during his career as future Hall of Famer Dan Marino.

"Being compared to a guy like Dan, I think it's a little soon for that," Manning said. "To be anywhere near him, to win anywhere as near as many Super Bowls as he almost did, that's just an honor."

"Man, he's hot," said Texans linebacker Jamie Sharper. "I've never seen a guy play that great who you still thought would probably lose in the AFC championship game, if he even got that far."

"When you've got a weapon like Peyton on your team," said Colts coach Tony Dungy, "you've always got a chance to win. You're always a threat to go to the Super Bowl. It doesn't mean you will, and you probably won't, but, you're always a threat."

"If anybody has got to match my career Super Bowl championship total," Marino said, "I'd hope it would be Peyton Manning. We're a lot alike, because while we both put up the best numbers, there were always a couple of guys in the league you'd rather have running your offense in crunch time."

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