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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Rec League Softball Team Breaks Dreaded "Curse of Steve"
Originally posted 11/8/2004

Jim Schilling of the Beer Sox sticks it to the Mcgoo's Tavern Yankees
DENTON, TX - The Beer Sox of the Denton, Texas city rec softball league won their first championship since 1998 this week, defeating the rival McGoo's Tavern Yankees two games to one. It was the first title for the Beer Sox since team founder Steve Dunbar, then the Beer Sox best player, took a bartending job at McGoo's and joined their softball team.

Since Dunbar switched allegiances the Beer Sox had been dogged by what the Denton, Texas media -- in the form of the Denton rec league newsletter -- dubbed the "Curse of Steve."

"We finally reversed the curse!" said pitcher Jim Schilling, a first-year Beer Sox player who showed up to Saturday's decisive Game 3 completely wrecked but was able to play thanks to a radical yet ultimately successful hangover cure by team "physician" Dave "The Doc" Dockweiller, a local plumber and volunteer paramedic. "We finally beat those damn Yankees!" screamed Schilling.

"We definitely couldn't have done it without Schill," said Beer Sox centerfielder Ronny Damon through his trademark scraggly beard. Schilling pitched a masterpiece in the Game 3 clincher, pitching all six innings and holding the McGoo's Tavern Yankees to only seven runs on thirteen hits.

McGoo's tavern owner George Fienbrenner, whose team has not won the Denton city rec league title in four years, vowed that changes will be made prior to the start of the next season. "I know that our fans won't like it," Fienbrenner said, "but I may have to replace Torrie [McGoo's manager Joe Torrington]."

"We've got to savor this one while we can," said Beer Sox manager Barry Francona. "It's not every season you get a chance to take down the Yankees. I'm sure they'll be back next year, stronger than ever."

Francona added that, in his estimation, the McGoo's Tavern Yankees have an unfair advantage when it comes to luring new players. "If you play on the Yankees, they give you free appetizers and beer at McGoo's. It's tough to compete with that, so, it's hardly a level playing field."

"Who broke the what now?" said Steve Dunbar, now a junior high math teacher in El Paso, when reached for comment.

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