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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
St. Louis Cardinals Reach World Series, Become Slightly More "Storied"
Originally posted 10/25/2004

ST. LOUIS - The storied St. Louis Cardinals baseball franchise became slightly more so this week by defeating the Houston Astros and advancing to the World Series for the 16th time in team history. "This is a great thing for the Cardinals and for the fans of St. Louis," said Tony LaRussa. Experts often credit the Cardinals' loyal fan base for making the team marginally more storied than they would otherwise be.

"While not as storied as franchises such as the New York Yankees or the Boston Celtics," said St. Louis resident Bob Costas, "the Cardinals certainly added to their storied-ness by beating the Astros, who are not at all storied, in the NCLS." The World Series appearance marks the first for the Cardinals since 1987, when they lost to the borderline-storied Minnesota Twins in seven games. The Cardinals also lost to the barely-storied Kansas City Royals in 1985. Their last championship came in 1982 when they defeated the unlikely-ever-to-become-storied Milwaukee Brewers.

"Go get 'em, boys," said Hall of Fame slugger Stan "The Man" Musial, 83, who was largely responsible for the Cardinals' mid-20th century storying. "Beat those Red Sox!"

"I'm really excited to see the Cards back in the World Series," said St. Louis native and Cardinals fan Rick Nieman. "It's been a while since they won it all. 22 years, in fact, and that's the longest drought we've had since the '20s. We'd better try to put it together and come back against the Red Sox. You don't stay storied by not winning the World Series, I can tell you that."

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