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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Local Newspaper Photographer's Roll of Film Mostly Just Same Hot Volleyball Player
Originally posted 10/18/2004

Above: one of several pictures of Ashley Liebing taken by the Kearny Sentinel's Justin Riala
KEARNY, AZ - Sources close to photographer Justin Riala of the Kerny (Arizona) Sentinel reported this week that Riala's latest roll of film, shot Thursday night at a Kearny High Knights volleyball game against the rival Hayden Panthers, contained almost nothing but pictures of Kearny High senior volleyball player Ashley Liebing. "This is something we're definitely going to have to talk to Justin about," said Sentinel editor Tom Tatum.

"I got some great shots of that game," said Riala. "I don't know what everybody's so worked up about. Oh, were a lot of them of that same gal? Hm. I didn't even notice. She must have played a lot."

"I think it's really cool to see my picture in the paper," said Liebing. "I've been in there like three times so far this season, even though I'm not leading the team in anything."

"Look," said Tatum. "We all know about Ashley, okay? I mean, we're not robots. But, there's a certain level of professionalism that's expected here, even if we are just a small town paper. You've just got to show a little decency. At least until you get home. Then, do whatever you want."

"Kearny has a pretty good volleyball team this year," Riala said. "Hopefully, they'll be able to advance far into the playoffs. That would be quite a story. I'd probably have to work all of their games then. Not that I'm specifically looking forward to that, or anything. 'Cause, you know. What do I care. I don't."

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