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Red Wings-Avalanche Rivalry Shifts To Golf Course
Originally posted 4/28/2003

Colorado's Peter Forsberg practices for the big match
DENVER - After being knocked out of the 2003 NHL playoffs in the first round, the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings -- who between them have won five of the last seven Stanley Cup championships -- have decided to shift their storied rivalry to the golf course this spring.

To spice things up, and to provide Wings and Avs fans with some sort of replacement for the playoff hockey they've become accustomed to this time of year, the players will wear full hockey gear and use sticks instead of golf clubs. Checking will be permitted, talking during a player's backswing will not.

"Our fans our used to seeing us two teams go head-to-head almost every post-season," said defenseman Mathieu Dandenault, whose Red Wings went up against the Avalanche in the 2002, 2000, 1999, 1997 and 1996 playoffs. "Thanks to the Wild and the Mighty Ducks, they won't be able to see that. This should be a good alternative, though." The defending champion Red Wings were swept out of the playoffs last week by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, and the Avalanche were beaten in seven games by the Minnesota Wild, a third-year expansion team making their first ever playoff appearance.

"Needless to say, this post-season was a big letdown," said Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy. "But we've got a bug up our ass about Detroit, and they have one up theirs about us, so we've got to do something."

The golf showdown will be contested in a best-of-seven format, with Colorado getting the home course advantage by virtue of the fact that they managed to win playoff games this year. Denver's Coal Creek Golf Course and Dearborn Hills Golf Club outside of Detroit have agreed to host the grudge match.

Loser buys.

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