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Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist Sort of Thought He'd Be Recognized Out In Public More Often
Originally posted 9/27/2004

Paul Foerster (left, with Kevin Burnham) wins his Olympic gold medal, not that anyone in the greater Dallas area seems to have noticed
ROCKWALL, TX - Sailing gold medalist Paul Foerster, 40, of Rockwall, Texas, revealed this week that he'd sort of expected to recognized more often upon returning home from the Olympics in Athens, Greece. "I went into Dallas the other day, and, I was glancing around to see if anybody recognized me," Foerster said. "Nope."

Foerster, who won the gold medal in sailing's 470 class with teammate Kevin Burnham after three previous Olympic appearances, said that he's been recognized only twice out in public since winning his gold. "And that was the day after I was on 'Daybreak News.' They did a write-up of us in the [Ft. Worth] Star-Telegram, but, there wasn't any picture."

"I can understand what Paul's going through," said women's gymnastics all-around gold medalist Carly Patterson. "After I won my gold medal, I was sitting next to this guy on a plane, like, two weeks later, and, it took like five minutes before he said, 'Hey, aren't you Olympic gold medalist Carly Patterson?' It was a weird five minutes. That's the only time since then that someone hasn't recognized me immediately, since I was on TV so much and everything, but, I still sympathize with Paul."

Foerster said that if nobody recognizes him in the next few weeks, he might just start wearing the gold medal around his neck whenever he leaves the house.

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