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Joe Gibbs Surges Ahead of Bush, Kerry In Latest Polls
Originally posted 9/13/2004

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs speaks to supporters at a campaign rally in Washington, D.C, as running mate and wide receiver Rod Gardner (87) looks on
WASHINGTON, DC - Polling data released early Monday morning shows Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs as a clear favorite in the 2004 presidential race following the Redskins' 16-10 over Tampa Bay. Several overnight polls had Gibbs as high as 65%, followed by 15% for Bush and 13% for Kerry. In the Washington, DC area, Gibbs was running has high as 93%.

Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with the Redskins in the 80s and 90s, returned this year to coach a Redskins team that has made only one playoff appearance since his departure in 1992. "Voters like a guy who can get the job done," said CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield. "From what we've seen in the last few days, people are looking at Joe Gibbs and saying, 'this guy won a Super Bowl with Mark Rypien at quarterback, so he can probably do just about anything."

"Joe Gibbs is a man who knows how to win," running mate and Redskins wide receiver Rod Gardner told Gibbs supporters at a campaign rally following the Tampa Bay game Sunday afternoon, "and Joe Gibbs is the only candidate who knows how to win! He won three Super Bowls, he won with his Joe Gibbs racing team, and he won today against the Buccaneers! What have his opponents ever won? George W. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000, and John Kerry lost the Vietnam war! Are these the men you want running the country?"

Washington insiders predict that barring an unforeseen catastrophe -- such as the Redskins getting swept by Dallas -- Gibbs should win the White House easily. "Joe Gibbs right now is as popular as anyone in Washington, DC has ever been," Greenfield said. "This could be the biggest landslide in US election history. We might have to annex some new states before November, just so Gibbs can win them."

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