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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Marcus Giles White
Originally posted 4/21/2003

White guy Marcus Giles
ATLANTA - Sources close to the Atlanta Braves reported this week that third-year utility infielder Marcus Giles is white.

"Really? He is?" said casual baseball fan Jerome Frye of Colorado Springs. "I've never seen him, just heard his name on 'SportsCenter,' and I figured he was black. Hm. What do you know?"

"I knew he was white 'cause I saw him," said Braves manager Bobby Cox. "I suppose I never thought about it though. I met him, and he said, 'Hi, Marcus Giles, nice to meet you,' so it didn't come up. But I guess I can see where people would make that assumption."

"I was as surprised as anybody," said Giles yesterday. "It's no big deal either way, of course, it's just that my name, 'Marcus Giles,' I guess sounds black to me for some reason, so I just figured I was. But that's cool."

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