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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
San Antonio's Devin Brown Demands Cool Short Nickname Like All the Foreign Guys Have
Originally posted 5/10/2004

San Antonio Spurs "Manu," "Rasho" and "Tim"
SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio Spurs reserve guard Devin Brown expressed dissatisfaction this week with the fact that he didn't have a cool short nickname like all of the foreign guys on the team. "It's no fair," Brown told reporters before San Antonio's 95-85 Game 2 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. "Manu, Hedo, Rasho, and technically even Tim and Tony have cool short nicknames, just because they're foreign. They could at least call me 'Devo.'"

As Brown noted, several of the Spurs' foreign players have come to be referred to by cool short nicknames, including Emanuel "Manu" Ginobili of Argentina, Hidayet "Hedo" Turkoglu of Turkey, Radoslav "Rasho" Nesterovic of Slovenia; even Timothy "Tim" Duncan of the Virgin Islands and William Anthony "Tony" Parker of France.

"Yeah, I never thought of that," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. "Kevin, Malik, Robert, Jason, Devin, Bruce... I guess all the foreign guys do have cool short nicknames, and none of the American guys do. I even think Charlie Ward's full name actually is 'Charlie,' come to think of it. And even if it isn't, 'Charlie' isn't any shorter than 'Charles,' so you can't really call it a cool short nickname. Now go away, this is stupid."

"See how it is?" asked Brown. "It's not like it would be hard. 'Devo.' See how easy that was? I could even get one of those weird red hats from the 'Whip It' video, if that would help people remember. I don't know why I shouldn't get a cool short nickname just because I'm from America. We've been getting shortchanged long enough. I mean, no one even called David Robinson 'Dave' when he was here. And what about Robert Horry? Couldn't he be 'Bob?' Would that kill people to call him 'Bob?'"

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