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Kansas City Man Seeing A Lot More Royals Stuff Around Town All Of A Sudden
Originally posted 4/14/2003

Longtime Royals fan Graham Swanson
KANSAS CITY - Longime fan Graham Swanson, 76, of Kansas City told friends this week that he's "been seeing a lot more Roylas stuff around town all of a sudden." The Royals, who have not contended for a title in several years and last season lost a franchise-record 100 games, began this season with nine straight wins before losing to Cleveland on Sunday.

"They sure do come out of the woodwork when the team starts to win," Swanson said. "I've seen jerseys, caps, signs, I even seen this one fellow with a Royals flag on his car."

"The fans in Kansas City are the best in baseball," said Royals manager Tony Pena. "With great young players like we have, I knew they'd be out to support us win or lose." The Royals drew 1,323,036 fans last season, next-to-last in the American League. They were next-to-last among American League teams in 2001 as well.

While Swanson was excited to see the renewed interest in his favorite team, he did note that it may not be permanent. "I was over to [Kansas City bar] Irish Sam's when they lost to the Indians," he said, referring to the Royals first defeat of the season. "Schultzie, he switched the TV over to golf after the game and he says, 'Well, it was fun while it lasted.'"

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