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Actor Jim Caviezel Now Refusing To Play Anyone Who Wasn't the Best Ever
Originally posted 4/26/2004

Caviezel as Jesus, left, and Bobby Jones
HOLLYWOOD - Actor Jim Caviezel, star of "The Passion of the Christ" and the upcoming "Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius," declared this week that after playing the "best Messiah ever" and the "best golfer ever," he will only be playing people who were the best ever in their particular field for the remainder of his career. "It's what I've gotten used to," the actor said, "and it's what I'd like to keep doing."

In his last two film roles Caviezel has played Jesus Christ, the only man ever to be crucified for the sins of mankind and resurrected three days later, and Bobby Jones, the only man ever to win golf's grand slam.

"I've done some good movies before," Caviezel said, "but there's nothing quite like playing the best ever. I played John Sullivan in 'Frequency,' and that was a decent movie, but he wasn't the best cop ever. Private Witt in 'The Thin Red Line?' Not the best soldier ever. After playing Bobby Jones and Jesus, I really don't know that I want to go back to those kinds of roles."

"Jim's a great actor, no question," said filmmaker Spike Lee, who has toyed with the idea of directing a film based on the experiences of players in baseball's Negro League. "But he keeps calling me up, demanding to play [Hall of Famer and Negro League great] Josh Gibson. I told him I wasn't sure if he was right for the part, but he wouldn't listen."

"The facts are these," Caviezel said. "Gibson was 6'1", same as me. He was 215 pounds, exactly what I weighed after I finished bulking up for my role as a marine in 'High Crimes.' I don't know what more Spike expects, but, I'm still waiting to hear back from him."

Caviezel added that before his career comes to a close he also wishes to portray Lincoln, Aristotle, and world champion hot dog eater Takeru Kobayashi.

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