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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
New Kid Picked First For Kickball Clearly Can't Handle the Pressure
Originally posted 4/19/2004

New kid Donnie Frahm, seen here trying just a little too hard to live up to the hype
MIDLAND, TX - New kid Donnie Frahm -- chosen first for kickball because he looked like he would be good -- clearly couldn't handle the pressure of being a number one pick, according to fellow members of Mrs. Schendel's third grade class at Santa Rita Elementary School. Frahm, obviously trying way too hard to live up to his status as the first overall pick, played horribly in his Santa Rita debut.

To make matters worse, expectations were particularly high for Frahm going into Wednesday's recess period. Hunter Derring, whose turn it was to pick first, accepted an offer of a week's worth of chocolate milk at lunchtime from fellow captain Chad Orley for the right to the top draft choice.

"What can I tell you?" a disappointed Orley said after Frahm's 0-for-4 performance. "He looked like he was good, and we heard from the cousin of a kid who knows a girl who used to go and visit Donnie's sister that he could really play. I know it's early yet, but, I think I might have wasted a week's worth of chocolate milk."

"I don't know what the problem is," Frahm said after school Wednesday. "I'm not that bad. I used to get picked fifth or sixth all the time at my old school, and I would do fine. I never got picked first, though. I think I was just pressing out there. You know, you try too hard, get out of your normal kickball rhythm, you start to play tight and then you're just not going to get anywhere."

Frahm added that he wasn't used to playing under such a harsh media spotlight, as Mrs. Marquez, the recess lady who watches over the kickball game as well as all other noontime activities, also runs the "Santa Rita Monitor," Santa Rita Elementary's school paper.

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