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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
New Girlfriend "On the Bubble"
Originally posted 3/15/2004

New girlfriend Donna Paxson
STATE COLLEGE, PA - Penn State sophomore Nicholas Young, 20, told friends this week that new girlfriend Donna Paxson, 22, is "on the bubble." Paxson and Young have been dating since they met at a New Year's Eve party thrown by a mutual friend in Harrisburg, PA, where both grew up. Young said that he feels the time has come to decide whether to take the relationship any further.

"Donna's got a lot of positives," Young told classmate Dennis Kline. "She's good-looking, first and foremost. That's probably what would get her a shot at long-term girlfriend status, if I decide to go that way. She's also really smart. She's going to graduate with a 3.80 GPA this fall, and she's been accepted to three or four really good graduate schools. So the raw skills are there, and I think that on any given night she could really compete with any other girlfriend I've had."

"I think Donna and Nicholas are great together," said Paxson's best friend Hannah Lombard. "And Nick should really be glad he got a girl like him. She used to go out with Peter Seitz, you know."

"There she goes, bringing up Peter Seitz again," Young said. "That was one date, and it was quite a while ago. If you take a look at the rest of her non-conference schedule, it's not all that great. She dated that Belgian kid with the lazy eye for three months, and I found out that in high school she used to go out with James Olster, who was this guy my sister knew from swing choir. Believe me, if she makes it to exclusive girlfriend status, it won't be without me considering everything."

"I feel pretty good about my chances," said Paxson this weekend. "I've been out on five or six dates with Nick, he knows what I can do, he's seen what I'm capable of. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but now it's just up to him and the rest of the selection committee."

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