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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Massachusetts Supreme Court Upholds Maurice Clarett's Right to Gay Marriage
Originally posted 2/9/2004

Clarett celebrates the ruling with his close friend Javier
BOSTON - In what sports and legal experts hailed as a landmark ruling, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts this week upheld Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett's right to gay marriage. Existing laws had held that a man could not marry another man unless both men were at least three years removed from their high school graduating class.

"This ruling is a victory for all young men who have been unfairly denied the pursuit of happiness," said Clarett's attorney Alan Milstein. "Thankfully, the court had the good sense to ignore and overrule the will of the National Football League, the federal and state legislatures and the majority of the American people."

"Word," added Clarett.

The court also ruled this week that Clarett should be eligible for the NFL draft this spring. "That decision shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody," said Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Justice John M. Greaney. "After all, the Patriots do need a running back."

Experts predict that Clarett could be taken in the late first round of the NFL draft on April 24th, and will be taken in marriage by his longtime companion Javier on June 19th.

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