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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
With No Football, Desperate Gambler Bets on Australian Open
Originally posted 1/26/2004

Andy Roddick, who turns out to be a tennis player
SEATTLE - Desperate sports fan and inveterate gambler Aaron Hayes, 27, confessed to friends this week that with no NFL games this Sunday, he placed a bet on something called the "Australian Open," about which he knew nothing.

"I'm not even sure what sport it is," Hayes told longtime friend Chad Berhel. "I just saw it on there [, Hayes's betting website of choice], and I saw 4-1 odds with some guy named 'Andy Roddick,' and I thought I heard that name before. I think he's a racecar driver. I'm not sure, though; I'll check it out."

Many people close to Hayes have been concerned that his gambling was getting out of control, including Shannon Fusco, his girlfriend of two years. "Last weekend, with those football games, he was just out of control," Fusco said of Hayes's two-team parlay, in which he picked New England to cover the spread and Carolina to win outright.

"I was going to talk to him about it," Fusco said, "but after the games he was really excited, and he took me out to this really fancy dinner, so I figured it could wait."

"This is going to be brutal, having to wait another week for football," Hayes said. "I did see this one website that had odds on a cricket match in Pakistan; maybe that'll tide me over."

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