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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Newlywed Husband Warned Wife About NFL Playoffs
Originally posted 1/5/2004

Michelle and Kevin Ross during happier times
NEW HAVEN, CT - Newlyweds Kevin and Michelle Ross had their first major conflict as a married couple this week, the cause of which was apparently Michelle's disbelief that Kevin was "just going to sit there and watch football all weekend," and Kevin's insistence that he had "warned her about the NFL playoffs."

"You've been sitting in that chair since Saturday morning," Michelle reportedly said to her husband during the fourth quarter of Sunday's Colts-Broncos AFC Wild Card game. "Do you realized you've spent the entire weekend in your sweatpants? Do you know how gross that is?"

"I told her when we were first dating that I go nuts for the NFL playoffs," Kevin protested Sunday evening. "She should have known what to expect. I told her that I don't even get up other than to go to the bathroom. Maybe she thought I was joking. That must be it."

The couple, who married in October and have been dating since they met in 1999 at the University of Connecticut, had not foreseen any potential problems in Kevin's playoff-viewing habits. "I never realized how bad it would be," Michelle confessed. "I guess I've never been around him for the playoffs. The first year we were dating I did my semester in Europe, and then the next year I was studying for the LSAT so we didn't see that much of each other on the weekends, and then I had a job where I was working a lot on the weekends... I don't know if I can handle another week of this."

"I probably should have known there'd be trouble," Kevin said, "when she saw me making guacamole on Saturday afternoon and she said, 'oh, are you having people over?' Clearly, she didn't understand what watching the playoffs -- and I mean REALLY watching the playoffs -- involves."

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