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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Rasheed Wallace Blasts NBA As "Unfair To Psychotic Potheads"
Originally posted 12/15/2003

Rasheed Wallace last week, dancin' for the man
PORTLAND, OR - Just days after comments published in the Portland Oregonian caused a stir in the NBA, Trail Blazers star forward Rasheed Wallace continued to blast the league this weekend. Wallace, who told the Oregonian that the NBA "look[s] at black athletes like we're dumb-ass niggers... as if we're just going to shut up, sign for the money and do what they tell us," also claimed Saturday that the league was way too hard on psychotic potheads.

"The NBA don't actually care about the lives of its dope-smoking sociopaths," the volatile All-Star said. "It just wants to draft 'em, suit 'em up, and then pay 'em millions and millions of dollars, then expect them not to assault officials in the parking lot after games or get arrested for possession of marijuana. How they gonna play us like that?"

NBA commissioner David Stern refuted Wallace comments, saying that "the NBA is committed to diversity. We want all players, psychotic potheads and non-psychotic non-potheads alike, regardless of race, creed or color, to be able to come together and compete at the highest level."

Wallace, who is making $17 million this year as a result of the NBA's existence, also said this about the league: "In my opinion, they just want to draft niggers who are dumb and dumber -- straight out of high school. That's why they're drafting all these high school cats, because they come into the league and they don't know no better. They don't know no better, and they don't know the real business, and they don't see behind the charade."

Former high-school star LeBron James, 18, now playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, was thankful for Wallace's comments. "I didn't realize what the NBA was doing to me," James said. "I'm making millions of dollars for playing basketball, millions more in endorsements, and the league is pushing me as the biggest thing since Michael Jordan. Thanks to brave people like Rasheed Wallace, injustices like these will stand no longer."

Wallace continued to dump on the NBA as he left in his awesome car to go back to his gigantic house.

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