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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Frank Solich Explains Inferior Record: "Nebraska Nothing But White People," Fired Coach Says
Originally posted 12/2/2003

Former coach Frank Solich (middle), surrounded by fellow white Nebraskans
LINCOLN, NE - Recently fired University of Nebraska head football coach Frank Solich attempted to explain his failure to live up to the high expectations of the program. "Have you ever been to Nebraska?" Solich asked a group made up almost exclusively of reporters from in-state news outlets. "It's nothing but white people. I mean, I'm trying to win football games here."

Solich took over the team in 1998 from Nebraska legend Tom Osborne, who led the Cornhuskers to three national titles in the 1990s and had a career winning percentage of .836 in 25 seasons as head coach. "That was then," Solich said. "How could I have been expected to compete with places like Texas, California or Florida? They have tons of black people. Where am I supposed to find a cornerback in Nebraska?"

Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson said that although the decision to fire Solich wasn't an easy one, it was one he felt he had to make. "I can't allow this proud program to descend into mediocrity," Pederson said. "9-3, 7-6 [Nebraska's regular season record last season] may be acceptable for some teams, but not the Cornhuskers. Plus, if you've heard what he's been saying since I fired him, he's clearly gone nuts."

Following Solich's comments about the state, the Reverend Jesse Jackson announced that he will begin protesting Nebraska immediately.

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