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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Fisticuffs Erupt At Bullfight Weigh-In
Originally posted 10/27/2003

Allegos goes after El Duro
GUADALAJARA, MEXICO - Extra-curricular violence marred the Friday weigh-in for next weekend's world championship bullfight between Alejandro Allegos, the Greatest Bullfighter in All of Mexico, and El Duro, the Most Fearsome Bull in All the World. Insults and punches were exchanged after a member of Allegos' posse reportedly told El Duro that he had "eaten [El Duro's] mama for dinner" the night before.

"No. Seriously," Allegos' friend allegedly said. "She was medium rare, and I put horseradish sauce all over her. She was delicious."

El Duro responded blowing two intimidating puffs of smoke out of his nostrils and then charging Allegos' entourage, who in turn attempted to batter members of El Duro's camp. The ugliness, which went on for at least five minutes before security officers could restore order, led many to question whether or not bullfighting remains a legitimate sport.

"We've seen things like this before," said ESPN boxing analyst Al Bernstein. "At some point, you see enough of it, and people just start to think that those involved with bullfighting are just a bunch of animals."

"Alejandro only wants to be a good bullfighter," said Allegos' trainer, Ernesto Fredo. "He does not want to sully the good name of the sport with such nonsense. We regret what took place. If order cannot be restored to our sport, there's a good chance that one of the bullfighters, or perhaps one of the bulls, could one day be seriously hurt."

Allegos' weighed in at 205 pounds, his typical pre-fight mark. El Duro tipped the scales at 1,536 pounds, a career high. Their championship fight will take place next Sunday at El Estadio Desportes in Guadalajara.

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