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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Fantasy Basketball Owners File Class-Action Suit Against Andre Miller
Originally posted 3/31/2003

Fantasy bust Miller
ANAHEIM, CA - As the NBA regular season nears its conclusion and fantasy basketball playoffs begin, fantasy owners across the United States have filed a class-action lawsuit against Los Angeles Clippers guard Andre Miller.

Many expected big things from Miller, who was traded to Los Angeles from the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers in the off-season. Miller's numbers have dropped off in nearly every important statistical category this year, however, and the Clippers, considered by many before the season to be a talented young team on the rise, have languished near the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

Jason Jenkins, owner of fantasy basketball team "For Me To Poop On," said last week that Miller has cost him at least $50, maybe more.

"I would almost definitely win the regular season title if it weren't for him," Jenkins said. "Now, [division rival Craig] Haubeck probably will. I'm gonna make the playoffs, but, still. Thank God I had the sense to take Yao Ming, or I'd be SOL."

Franklin Levy, an attorney with the Anaheim, California law firm of Levy, Levy and Locke, filed the class-action lawsuit this week on behalf of Jenkins and his fellow plaintiffs, many of whom selected Miller in the early rounds of various drafts and are now regretting it.

"Clearly, [Miller] has had a disappointing season," Levy said. "He makes a great deal of money as a professional athlete, and I think he has an obligation not only to his family and friends, but to fantasy basketball owners nationwide who hitched their wagon to his supposedly rising star. What about them? Just because Andre gets paid the same no matter how badly he plays doesn't mean they do."

Levy added that he was confident his clients would be justly rewarded, citing as precedent the groundbreaking 1997 case The People vs. Brady Anderson.

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