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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
Mike Holmgren, Craig Stadler Pull Off Hilarious "Parent Trap"-Style Switcheroo
Originally posted 10/13/2003

Stadler, left, and Holmgren
SEATTLE - Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren and professional golfer Craig Stadler pulled off an hilarious "Parent-Trap"-style switcheroo Sunday evening as Stadler, the popular PGA Tour star known affectionately as "The Walrus," coached the Seahawks to a 20-19 victory over the San Francisco 49ers and Holmgren instructed youngsters at the 4th Annual Craig Stadler Junior Golf Camp in Denver.

"Wow! This was awesome," Stadler, posing as Holmgren, told reporters Sunday after the Seahawks victory. "Those guys are really good. It was great getting to see the game from the sidelines like that. Er, um, not that, you know, I don't get to see the game from the sidelines every week." When asked what he meant by that, Stadler replied, "Oh, nothing," and buried is head in his arms to hide the fact that he couldn't stop giggling.

"Okay, kids," Holmgren reportedly told attendees at Stadler's golf camp. "Now, when you're hitting the ball with one of these big-headed clubs, make sure you get a good running start, and just swing with all your might. You really want to make sure you can wallop that ball." When one young boy told him that his dad said you were always supposed to keep your feet planted while you swung, Holmgren replied, "Hey, kid, who are you going to believe, huh? Your old man, or me, professional golfer Craig Stadler?"

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