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Tommy Maddox, He Hate Me Inducted Into XFL Hall of Fame
Originally posted 10/6/2003

He Hate Me, top, and Maddox pose with their XFL Hall of Fame busts
STAMFORD, CT - Los Angeles Xtreme quarterback Tommy Maddox and Las Vegas Outlaws running back Rod "He Hate Me" Smart were inducted into the XFL Hall of Fame Tuesday. Maddox and Smart, both now playing in the NFL, represented the inaugural, and final, induction class of the XFL Hall of Fame.

"This is truly a great honor," said Maddox, now the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. "To walk these hallowed halls, and to know that I am in the company of the most elite players in XFL history, is something I'll never -- hold on. My cell phone's ringing. Yeah? Hey, coach Cowher. Yeah. No, I'm not doing anything right now, I'm just... yeah. Yeah, Monday is fine. Yeah, I'll bring the kids. Okay. Yeah. We're looking forward to it. Okay. Bye. Sorry, what was I saying?"

Maddox, who was the XFL's first, last and only Player of the Year, led the LA Xtreme to the league championship before joining the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2001 season and eventually supplanting Kordell Stewart as starting quarterback. Maddox credited the XFL with helping him rejuvenate his football career after two unremarkable stints with the Rams and Giants in the mid-90s. "Finally, I can be proud to be associated with the word 'bust,'" said Maddox, gesturing to the bronze sculpture of his head that will be displayed at the XFL Hall of Fame. The remark earned a polite but forced chuckle from several of the roughly one dozen fans who attended the ceremony.

"Listen up, you jerks," WWE wrestler Chris Jericho told the crowd in his introduction speech for He Hate Me. "Not that you ass clowns deserve it, but I'm here to present to you the single greatest XFL running back... of all time!"

"This is cool," Rod "He Hate Me" Smart, now a special teams player for the Carolina Panthers, said. "Thanks guys. I gotta run, though; I got practice in Charlotte tomorrow. And don't tell coach Fox about this; I told him my grandma died. Thanks."

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