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Twins Fan Celebrates 50th Viewing of "Little Big League" On Showtime
Originally posted 7/14/2003

"Little Big League" (inset: DeRodde at the Metrodome last year)
FERGUS FALLS, MN - Minnesota baseball fan Scott DeRodde, 26, reached a milestone this week that many had considered unattainable. The lifelong Twins supporter marked his 50th viewing of "Little Big League," a little-remembered 1994 comedy about a young boy who inherits the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather and proceeds to manage the previously apathetic club into a tie for the American League Wild Card title.

"It's not that great of a movie," said DeRodde on Tuesday at a press conference following the historic 50th "Little Big League" viewing. "But any time I'm flipping through the channels and I come across it on Showtime, I see those guys in Twins uniforms and I see the Metrodome, I'm done. I'm watching the rest of the movie, pretty much no matter what."

"I'm glad the kid likes the movie, I guess," said "Little Big League" screenwriter Gregory Pincus. "I just had the idea and thought I could sell it. To be honest, the original draft didn't have the Twins as the team involved, but back in '94 they needed the money, plus the Metrodome meant we could film in the winter some. It's kind of a fun little baseball movie, which is all it was meant to be. I don't think watching it 50 times could possibly be healthy."

"I remember when they filmed that movie here," said closer Eddie Guardado, the lone Minnesota Twin who was with the team as far back as 1994. "It was cool. Oh, hey, guys, what's up. Come on, guys, stop booing me. Look, I'm pitching the best I can, I can't help it if -- Ow! Knock it off. Hey! OW! Not the face -- HELP! SOMEBODY!"

DeRodde said that although he has actually seen "Little Big League" 55 times, the 50th viewing of the film on Showtime was the one he will always remember.

"I saw it three times in the theater," he said. "Once because, you know, there was a movie about the Twins, so of course I'm going to see it. Twice because my little cousin wanted to go, and the third time because my girlfriend and I sneaked into the theater after we saw 'I Love Trouble' because she knew this kid that was in this one scene and she wanted to see that part. Then, I rented it twice. But seeing it on Showtime is the best, because you never know when you'll come across it. Especially with the dish I got, there's like seven Showtimes now."

DeRodde said that he is certain he'll watch "Little Big League" the next time it comes on Showtime as well, as "that's how big of a Twins fan I am." He did admit, however, that he was only able to sit through "Major League III: Back to the Minors" once.

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