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September 12, 2005 Sports News the Way You Want It. Completely Made Up. Issue 127
At Least Everyone Can Be Happy For David Robinson
Originally posted 6/16/2003

Forget about the sloppy play and lack of marketable stars in the Finals; doesn't everyone love David Robinson?
SAN ANTONIO, TX - The San Antonio Spurs wrapped up their second NBA championship Sunday night, bringing to an end an excruciating NBA Finals series in which neither team played particularly well and Tim Duncan distinguished himself as the series' top player almost by default. "Yay, Spurs, I guess," said San Antonio season ticket holder Harley Wilcox. "At least I'm happy for David Robinson. He seems like such a good guy."

"This has to be one of the ugliest Finals in history," said ABC basketball analyst and former NBA champion Bill Walton after the Spurs' 87-77 Game 6 defeat of the New Jersey Nets. "The state of American basketball is at an all-time low, and fundamentals are almost nonexistent. But David Robinson went out on top, so at least some good came out of this debacle."

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I got to end my career by winning a championship here in front of the fans of San Antonio," Robinson said after the game. "The fact that no one was any good this year so we won just because somebody had to doesn't concern me right now."

"We just blew it by letting them come back in the fourth quarter," said Nets coach Byron Scott, whose team lost in the Finals last year as well. "We really had a shot this year. So, like anyone who sat through this weak excuse for a series, except for maybe life-long Spurs fans, I'm left feeling very disappointed. Even if it is nice to see David Robinson get another ring. No one can deny that."

NBA commissioner David Stern deflected questions about the sorry state of the game, urging everyone to remember the 2003 playoffs not as the Year of the Missed Free Throw or the Year of the Lakers Collapse, but as "the Year That David Robinson Went Out On Top, And Who Isn't Thrilled To See That? After All, He's Such A Good Guy. Let's Concentrate On That Instead Of Anything Else."

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